Nipras Steel Factory for Metal Industries has been Established in Riyadh. depending on Specialized and well Qualified Team of engineers and workers to to supervise on all stages of Manufacturing to Achieve high quality and identical to Saudi , Gulf and International specifications. As we have these abilities and powers with the best modern machinery of cutting, Punching, Drawing and Others . Since brought significant changes to the corporation's Steel operations. In response to economic changes in the metal industry, The corporation and domestic raw steel production capability through a number of restructurings. In addition, the industries entered into several steel joint ventures with both domestic , foreign and international partners.

Our Mission

We decided to work inside and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and support Our Customers with Technical and Technological. Abilities to overcome any diffuculties may arise to complete the projects on time Project Manager , Designers and Consultants will find Cable Trays with its all.

Our Values

type and supports essay installation and assure times with efforts We Are Always Ready.

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Nipras Steel Factory The factory manufactures cable holders of all types and sizes with high quality.

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